Top Things To Do In Myanmar

Top Things to Do in Myanmar
Formerly referred to as Burma, Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia that is gradually acquiring appeal among vacationers. Due to great ease of access from land boundaries, travelers from Thailand and the rest of its neighboring nations in Southeast Asia typically frequent these lands in search of off-the-beaten-path journeys.
Although not very large, there are still heaps of areas to see in Myanmar Incredible archaeological sites, gorgeous natural landscapes, and a broad selection of cultural sites, Myanmar is a nation that I urge everybody to position on their bucket lists. Below's a checklist of locations in Myanmar (Burma) that are worth checking out.
Places to See in Myanmar.

The capital city of Myanmar, Yangon is expanding to be an active metropolitan city where old colonial buildings meet ancient pagodas. There are sights like the Shwedagon Pagoda which is just one of the most crucial historic sights in all of Myanmar. The circular train is additionally a remarkable experience where you can observe the local culture.

Sule Pagoda and also Shwendagon Pagoda

Understood for its mystical pagodas, no journey to Myanmar is complete without visiting Sule Pagoda and also Shwendagon Pagoda. These 2 pagodas are so gorgeous, particularly during sunrise as well as sunset.
Sule is smack in the centerof Yangon. It is 48 meters tall and also was utilized by the British as the nucleus of their grid pattern plan for Burma in the 1880s. Sule, unlike various other pagodas, is a octagonal-shaped pagoda.
The 2,500 years of age Shwedagon Pagoda enshrines strands of Buddha's hair and also other holy relics. It is a have to check out. Shwedagon Pagoda is covered with hundreds of gold plates and its stupa is encrusted with 4531 diamonds.
Ride Yangon's Circular Train

The Yangon Circular Train is something you certainly have to experience. You will not just experience a day in the life of residents, but additionally get to take incredible images of the outskirts of the city.

You'll see people going up and down the train selling things, and additionally meet people of all kinds getting on and also off the trains. Businessmen, market vendors ... it's one of those points that enables you to experience Myanmar for what it truly is.
Outside Yangon

Mt Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock)

Picture Credits: World Atlas.

Mt Kyaiktiyo is a popular pilgrimage trip for devout Burmese Buddhists and is typically loaded with devotees that take a trip from around the nation to pay homage to this spiritual site. From Yangon, this golden rock is accessible by bus or train.
The pagoda itself is comprised of a huge gold rock which is balancing beside the high cliff. We recommend seeing during sundown as the golden rock glows, a lot more, when the skies develops into different shades of orange as well as purple. Although it is a spiritual site, it has also ended up being extremely commercialized yet however, a view to see.

Where to stay in Yangon
Budget: Little Yangon Hostel

Budget: Pickled Tea Hostel

Mid-Range: Jasmine Palace Hotel

Mid-Range: Hotel Grand United (21st Century Downtown)

Luxury: Sule Shangri-La

Luxury: The Savoy

Getting to Yangon.

By Air: Yangon has an international airport as well as serves the biggest variety of locations both within and also outside the country.

By bus: Yangon is also very well connected by both bus and train routes. It's from Yangon that you will have the best option of areas to take a trip to.

By train: Yangon is a significant stop on the country's train system. Do understand that trains are not what you 'd find in developed nations. There are hard seats and also no or insufficient a/c. Train traveling is likewise much slower than bus. Nevertheless, if you desire a local experience, train is the method to go.


If you seek even more pagodas, an impressive reclining Buddha as well as a wine monastery, you will certainly intend to take a trip to Bago.

Bago is only a number of hours away from Yangon, making it an easy day trip.

According to tale, the Buddha who as soon as took a trip in the area saw a couple of Hintha birds flying across the waters seeking a relaxing area. The male bird landed on the only available place which was simply large enough for one bird, whereupon the female perched on top of the male bird. Upon seeing this, the Buddha foretold that one day a city would certainly prosper at this area.
Shwemawdaw Pagoda.
Called the "Gold Temple" this stupa is the highest in Burma.

Credits: Wikipedia.
Kyaik Pun Paya
This is residence to the well-known Four Seated Buddha shrine.

Credits: 123RF. com.
Shwethalyaung Buddha
One of the biggest lying Buddha images in Myanmar.



Popularized by the many sweeping pagodas as well as stupas, Bagan is a cultural joy as well as is considered a must check out by everyone who comes to this nation. With over 2000 ancient ruins, you can spend a couple of days traveling around the location going from one historical site to the next. If you're seeking an enchanting experience, you can ride a hot air balloon over the temples during sunrise. The sunlight shimmering as it rises on top of these ancient ruins is a sight to see get more info as well as is something that deserves doing during your time there.
Aside from seeing the ancient ruins, you can additionally visit Mount Popa and the monk monasteries.

Mount Popa

Where to stay in Bagan
Budget: Ostello Bello, Bagan

Mid-Range: The Hotel at Tharabar Gate

Luxury: Bagan Lodge

Getting to Bagan
By Air: The local airport is Nyaung U, which is just a couple of miles from old Bagan. It is a domestic terminal only.

By bus: Bagan is well linked by bus:

Inle Lake (10 hours).
Yangon (9 hrs).
Mandalay (7 hours).

By train: Bagan is on Myanmar's rail network and you can connect with Yangon (16 hrs) or Mandalay (8 hrs).
Inle Lake

Take a day trip on the lovely Inle Lake discovering the rivers with its stilt residences, markets, floating gardens, pagodas, local traders as well as restaurants. This is an excellent place to see the sun set as well as the sun rise over the water. Seeing how the residents in Inle fish utilizing conelike sphere like nets as they guide their boat with one foot is additionally rather amusing to enjoy.

Where to stay in Inle Lake
The majority of the accommodation is located in close-by Nyuangshwe with a series of budget to high-end options. You can also consider at least one night on the lake for the daybreak and sundown views.

Budget: Ostello Bello Hostel Nyangshwe

Budget: Song of Travel Hostel Nyangshwe

Mid-Range: Thanakha Inle Hotel Nyangshwe

Mid-Range: Aureum Palace Resort & Spa Inle Nyangshwe

Deluxe on the Lake: Golden Island Cottages on Inle Lake

Luxury in Nyuangshwe: La Maison Birmane Boutique

Reaching Inle Lake

By Air: The closest flight terminal is Heho, which is about 45-60 mins' ride from Nyangshwe via winding mountain roadways. Expect to pay around $20 for your taxi (among the very best deals you'll enter Myanmar for a taxi ride). Heho is a domestic terminal only. A stay on the lake is about an additional 20 mins away from Nyuangshwe by boat (or another 40 or so mins by roadway).

By bus: Inle Lake is well connected with buses travelling from:

Yangon (13 hours)
Mandalay (10 hrs)
Bagan (10 hours)

By train: Inle Lake is not on Myanmar's rail network.

Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake
From being outdoors, delighting in the unbelievable landscape, to staying in a local family's house and tucking right into some home-cooked food, there's a whole lot to like regarding it. The most common expeditions are either 2 or 4 days long.

Reaching Kalaw: Lots of people begin in Kalaw and also trip to Inle Lake rather than the other way around.

By air: If you're flying in to Heho, you're halfway there-- simply take a taxi from the airport terminal. There is a train from the flight terminal (2 hrs) yet only once daily in the early morning so you would certainly need to co-ordinate your trip time.

By bus: there are buses from Mandalay (8 hrs), Bagan (8 hrs) and Yangon (12 hours).

When should you go? High season (which is both the most prominent yet also the driest period) is November to February. Myanmar has a wet period unlike a lot of the rest of SouthEast Asia-- it pours, often non-stop (contrasted to the daily heavy showers of most monsoons). This can make for some unpleasant trekking conditions.

In comparison to the quiet as well as subdued roads of Bagan, Mandalay is a big city teeming with life. Hectic roads full of an assortment of tea shops, terrific Pagodas, and many attractions make this one of the most popular places to visit in Myanmar. Out of all the attractions, climbing Mandalay Hill is possibly a large crowd favorite as it allows you to sweeping views of the city and the Irrawaddy River beaming from afar.
The U-bein Bridge and also Kuthodaw Pagoda is additionally a rather prominent destination as well as is an excellent location to observe the culture of the citizens.

Kuthodaw Pagoda
The Kuthodaw pagoda in Mandalay comprises of a gilded pagoda, thousands of shrines housing inscribed marble pieces as well as numerous pavilions. The pagoda is additionally called "the world's largest book", named after the 729 marble slabs etched with Buddhist teachings.


U-Bein Bridge
U Bein Bridge is believed to be the longest and also oldest teak wood bridge on the planet and stretches out for 1.2 kilometers. The bridge itself plays a large component in the daily life of locals with hundreds going across by either foot or bicycle to get to or the local markets. Since ending up being a popular visitor attraction, several currently make their income from the bridge by supplying boat rides, selling food and water or by flaunting their excellent understanding of its background.

Reaching U-Bein Bridge: You can schedule a local driver to take you to the U-Bein bridge at sunset. Prices can be high provided it's just half an hour outside Mandalay. You can take a tour and also if you spend a bit more, you can find a scenic tour that will provide you a larger scenic tour of Mandalay including lunch.

Where to stay in Mandalay

Budget: Ostello Bello, Mandalay

Mid-Range: The Link 83 Mandalay Boutique Hotel

Luxury: Mercure Mandalay Hill Resort

Getting to Mandalay
By Air: Mandalay has an international airport terminal that is likewise well linked domestically. Nevertheless, know that the airport is about 20 miles outside the city, which can be time consuming (over an hour) as well as expensive as a result of the {raffic. Internationally, you will connect with more locations by flying from Yangon.

By bus and train: Mandalay, like Yangon, connects with most of the traveler drops in Myanmar.

Situated by the Shan state, Hsipaw is a sleepy village that is quite well known for its trekking. From Hsipaw, you can head to either Namhsan and also Kyaukme. Namhsan is called the tea capital of Myanmar so expect to see lots of local| life. Although the {reks are not difficult, some parts are still restricted to tourists so it is best discovered with the support of a tour operator. Hsipaw is a trekking destination that draws individuals in and also keeps them there probably since it's cooler as well as the air cleaner than many other places in Myanmar.


Trekking in Hspiaw

Getting to Hspiaw: Also on the train line, it takes 13 hrs from Mandalay or 7 hours from Pyin Oo Lwin. There are buses from Mandalay (7 hours), Pyin Oo Lwin (7 hours), Inle Lake (12 hours) and also Yangon (15 hrs).

Ngapali Beach
If you're wanting to kick back by a seaside destination, head to Ngapali Beach which is one of the most popular beaches in Myanmar. Located on the Bay of Bengal coast, this palm-fringed island has a couple of hotels set amidst fishing villages offering you a wonderful contrast of both. Remarkably, there is a huge amount of activities to do in this field with diving, snorkeling, boat tours, as well as kayaking. You can also merely kick back on the beach and consume seafood caught by the local fishermen, and also take a field trip to Pearl Island.


Do know that Ngapali practically closes down throughout monsoon season (May to October).

Getting to Ngapali Beach
By Air: Flying to Ngapali beach will be your best option because all other transportation modes are seriously minimal. The local airport terminal is Thandwe and is simply a few kilometres from the beach hotels. You can find flights from and also to Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Heho (Inle Lake). Nevertheless, these routes thin in monsoon season with cancellations on the day being common. Your most reliable route is in as well as out of Yangon.

By bus: The only bus route going to Ngapali comes from Yangon as well as takes about 11 hrs.

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